Our Goals

  • Create engaging tabletop games that are easy to pick up, play, and play again.
  • Bring the highest level of quality and creativity to everything we do.
  • Provide a few hours of entertaining downtime to anyone who wants to unplug and unwind

Our People

Eric Salyers, President

Eric is the founder of Break From Reality Games, and the creator of Disaster Looms! Eric brings to the team a keen business sensibility, an understanding of manufacturing, and occasionally a good idea. His passion is to enable families and friends to recapture meaningful time together in a sustainable way of entertainment.

Alex Barbieri, Lead Game Developer

Alex is a co-owner of Break From Reality along with Eric, and the creator of Damage Report. His current role with BFR is to lead the game design and development areas for new titles. Alex has been a gamer (and pretty much a general geek) all of his life, and is excited to work in the industry "behind the curtain" at Break From Reality Games. With his background in education and training, he's more than happy to teach new games and share his joy in playing them with everyone.

Sylvia Armitstead, Art Director

Armed with her imagination and Wacom Pen, Sylvia took an out of this world trip through the galaxies this last year with Disaster Looms, CEO's and Corporations and Richochet Rock Jockies, finishing the tour aboard the Nutrino in Break From Reality Games most recent title Damage Report. With artistic muscles strained and gained she is looking forward to the upcoming fantasy title Mythic Mages and readying her creature compendium to let slip the hounds and mythological creatures of all sorts! Back in reality Sylvia lives in Washington with her two Corgi's that keep her active and having fun.

Taylor Luke, Graphic Design

An old-timey letterpress printer living in the remote backwoods of SW Washington, Taylor Luke seemed the natural choice when Break From Reality Games needed a cutting-edge graphic designer to create high-tech outer space visuals and layouts... Or at least she was good at faking her way through an interview. Check out Taylor's increasingly diverse portfolio at www.taylorluke.com.

Dan Miles, Software Developer

Resident web administrator and general code wrangler, Dan takes the lead for various programming projects spanning the Break From Reality domain. You can see more about his work at geekatlarge.net.

Members Emeriti

B. Wombat Sanders

Lead Game Designer for Disaster Looms!, Disaster Looms: CEOs and Corporations, Ricochet Rock Jockeys

Jules Ius

Art Director for Disaster Looms!, Disaster Looms: CEOs and Corporations, Ricochet Rock Jockeys
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