Attention retail stores!

We at Break From Reality games would like to help you draw in more customers and get more community involvement inside your store. The more customers you have, the better it is for you, for us and for the satisfied gamers walking out with a shiny, new, shrink-wrapped game. What's the best way to get gamers inside your doors? How about a good ol' fashioned game night... or "Break Night", sponsored by Break From Reality Games? We'd like to help you put together a fun afternoon or evening to play some BFR games with your local community. To sponsor this, we will provide you with:
  • FREE demo copies of the BFR games of your choosing.
  • Promotional materials to let your customers know about the event, including: posters, flyers and sign-up sheets.
  • Exclusive Break Night promos that your customers can ONLY get by attending a Break Night at their Friendly Local Game Store.
  • Complete guide to running your Break Night.
  • Some SWAG to give to the players.
  • Promotion of your store and the Break Night event you are hosting on our Website as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.
So, what will all this cost you? Nothing! We will ship all of the above directly to you at no charge. All you need to do is coordinate the event time and place, pick an associate to host it, and let your customers know it's coming. If you are interested in participating in BFR's Break Night, please send us an email at: to get started.
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