The first blow has knocked several of your systems offline - or at least heavily damaged them, and you're losing oxygen fast. The captain and much of the crew are badly injured. It's up to you and a few other brave souls to keep the ship intactÂ… and to get yourselves out of this unfortunate situation. Do you have what it takes? Well you'd better, because the lives of everyone on board are in your hands!

About the Game

Damage Report is a modular, 2-6 player, simultaneous, real-time, co-operative game where the players take on the role of a starship crew faced with making split-second decisions to survive while in the midst of various catastrophes. Unlike many co-operative games, the simultaneous, real-time nature of the game helps prevent group-think. This forces players to make decisions with minimal feedback and prevents one player from simply running the show. Your turn never ends, and is only limited to what you can accomplish in 15, 30, 45 or 60 second intervals.
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How To Play

On Fire - Game Expansion

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On Fire will be the first official expansion for Damage Report and adds 3 new scenerios to the main game. See our Kickstarter page for more details!

Downloadable Content

Damage Report Rulebook

This full color 32-page instruction manual is ready to print. Review it with your damage control team today!
Damage Report Rulebook
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